New Hampshire Paranormal Outreach
My name is Tina, and my husband's name is Gary. We are a middle-aged couple from Southern New Hampshire with a deep knowledge and a keen interest in anything paranormal. We have been studying the subject privately for many years, and at this time would like to get more actively involved in hands on investigations of haunted locations. We use a rather unorthodox approach than what you might normally expect. We deemphasize the use of complex gimmicky electronic monitoring equipment that most investigators currently rely on, as this approach tends to frustrate rather than enlighten and leaves you with more questions than answers. Our choice is to put the focus on direct physical communication with the entity/entities at said haunted location with the desired result being understanding and resolution of the problem. My husband Gary is very sensitive to the spirit world and is often able to make contact with unseen entities. He is aided and protected by several trusted spirit guides. He uses a combination of psychic impressions, direct telepathic communication, and pendulum board.I myself am an experienced tarot card reader and also employ this tool as needed to further our investigations and deepen our knowledge.
If you have a haunted property that you would like to have investigated, please feel free to contact us: